What a grand day out!


So for those of you who have not ever attended a Daylight Music Session you totally should! They are free gigs on most Saturday afternoons at the Union Chapel and feature a lovely array of gentle music to wash over you like a melodic blanket of feel-good fun. It was such an honour to get play one of these events and as you can see from the snaps I wore my Virgin Mary dress to celebrate the churchly setting.

I had the pleasure of singing with Anna who I met when touring with Erasure, as well as Sarah who I met when touring with The Research. Both of them have amazing solo projects in their own rite so I was really pleased they were free to sing with me.

Ditto John Greswell on viola and mandolin, some of you may know him from his past incarnation in Menlo Park, but now he writes super cool soundtracks with people like Oly Ralfe on Bunny and the Bull or the forthcoming animated Monty Python movie (yes you heard it here first folks!)… it was a bit of a star studded event, by accident even… I’m such a lucky duck, I know I am.

But the most exciting person there was in fact Josie. I met her mom at this cool event I participated in called True Stories Told Live. Her mom told the most heartfelt and beautiful story about Josie at True Stories; I actually shed a subtle tear by the end of it. When I heard she was going to bring Josie to the Union Chapel to see my show I was over the moon and couldn’t wait to meet them both.

Now I’m aware that there was some stiff competition for Josie’s attention, you see, she is a very big Bieber fan (like most girls her age I guess). How does little ol’ me compete with a teen star like Justin Bieber? I tried an extreme and forward-combed side-parting but it just didn’t work. I’d just have to rely on my Kansas charms and hope for the best.

It seemed to have done the trick because when I got to meet Josie after the show, she was suitably impressed. Job well done! Phew.

You can read Josie’s mom’s post about it here

And if you want to see more photos of the Union Chapel gig, check it out here, it’s a gorgeous setting for a gig
That’s all for now

piney and josie

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