I am currently obsessed with this album!  Cold Fact by Rodriguez.

I know, I’m a late bloomer… y’all were telling me to see ‘Searching for Sugarman’ back when it came out last spring.   But I’m a busy girl and barely ever find 2 hours to sit still.  So I finally got round to seeing the movie a couple of weeks ago, in Pasadena, at a cute little art house cinema (with dollar popcorn, I might add!)

I have to say, this film spoke to me by the buckets.  Tears they did fly, but not sad tears, happy ones.  How joyous to see someone like Rodriguez who has fulfilled his destiny after long last and great patience.  He is unspoiled by his success, he is unaffected by his newfound fame.

Rodriguez, I salute you!  And I cannot wait to see you later.  I’m baking you a Sugarman cake as we speak…