She Makes Music – “You Are Here” album preview

She Makes Music previews Piney’s album “You Are Here” prior to the album launch party at The Lexington. Featuring new video by Fonda 500’s Nicholas Broughton “Admiral Fleets

“‘Admiral Fleets’ harks back to wholesome, retro-psych pop with soaring, sunny Beach Boy-inspired harmonies and a real Mellotron; mixed with spikey synths and wailing sax worthy of Roxy Music.”

You Are Here has a zen and mindful quality about it.”  Read the full article from She Makes Music here:

2 thoughts on “She Makes Music – “You Are Here” album preview

  1. You Are Here is awesome . A fantastic slice of pop perfection. I added the cd release to Discogs data base. Hope you don’t mind as more folks deserve to know it is out there.

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