Puppy Love Single – out Feb 14th

Piney’s newest single “Puppy Love” is a timely single for Valentine’s Day out February 14th, from indie rock-chick, now UK-based, Kansas City sweetheart Piney Gir – pioneering grunge-pop and teenage heartbreak along the lines of The Pixies, Flaming Lips, Grandaddy featuring call-and-response vocal sung by Willie J Healey in the choruses; taken from her current new album You Are Here

Piney is pictured on the cover of the Puppy Love single with her dog Raleigh who she took to a suburban Kansas City mall for a family portrait sometime in the late 90’s.

The B-side “The Bomb” is the complete opposite of Puppy Love, the yin to the yang of the A-side. It’s dark, featuring an explosive drum kit (played by Mike Monaghan from Gaz Coombes, St Etienne, Young Knives and Willie J Healey’s band) and an erratic pizzicato string quartet which takes you to a jazzy David Lynch soundscape, a musical backdrop to that episode of Twin Peaks that doesn’t yet exist.

See the new video for Puppy Love it features Reggie-the-dog and Roxys, Emma Brammer and Amy Ashworth

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