Violet’s Gum – Art Exhibition

Piney & food artist Alice Straker welcomes you to Violet Beauregarde’s Gum, an art exhibition and events inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. July 20th – Opening Party with complimentary cocktails from Chase Distillery from 7:30 FREE July 21st – Food in Literature discussion with supper club superhero Ms Marmite, and authors Travis Elborough and Eithne Farry from 7:30 FREE July 22nd – Edible Art inspired by the … Continue reading Violet’s Gum – Art Exhibition

A Drake’s Progress: Blog Feature – Live Review

Piney was delighted to see the mother/daughter team behind the blog A Drake’s Progress at her all-ages show at The Lexington for Loud Women.  Here is just a little of what she had to say about it “the band served up a slice of their sunny, melodic, and…well…to be honest, a little bit loud, indie pop.”  You can … Continue reading A Drake’s Progress: Blog Feature – Live Review