New Year’s Resolutions

So what are your New Year’s resolutions?

They say if you tell people what your resolutions are you’re more likely to stick to them… here are mine!

vintage-2Bcloset1. Ebay all those old dresses I no longer wear – I know, a girl can never have too many clothes right?  Well, I can’t fit the clothes into my closet & this has been a case for some time now!  Ever since I moved out of the Listria Park (if you ever saw my room there it was likened to a vintage clothes boutique: with walls of dresses and wracks of shoes) I haven’t had sufficient space for my dresses.  I currently have over a dozen boxes of dresses that I need to auction off.  Beautiful, one-of-a-kind, vintage frocks, that for whatever reason I don’t wear.  I guess my stage look has evolved a bit, it’s less Sandra Dee than it used to be, thus the surplus of dresses…  This is a serious task, but will feel good to get it done and free up that space!
2. Figure out what the heck a ‘cloud’ is and back up all my techie stuff.  At the moment I am so NOT techie that if my computer failed tomorrow, that’d just be it, everything would be gone… so yes, I need to figure this shizz out.  Any tech tutors out there?  I can pay you in enchiladas, or bake you a cake.
img_128813. Get all that Piney Merch photographed and over to Greedbag.  I have a Piney Gir shop, see? the thing is, I have all this cute jewellery and other lovely handmade things at home, cluttering up my hallway when these things could be out there making people happy. Then I’d have more space for shoe storage.  Win/Win!
4. Figure out the shoe storage issue.  I’ll spare you the details but believe me it’s an issue!
I just proofread this blog and I sound a bit vacuous running around town moaning about shoe storage.  I am blessed to have the problems that I have!  But what I can take away from this blog is this… I need to create more space and more order so perhaps that is the umbrella for these resolutions, the general ‘to do’ as it were.  When my physical space is calm, my inner space will also be calm (that’s the idea anyway)…
So 2015 will be about creating space and achieving a sense of order both outwardly and inwardly.
Wish me luck!

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