How to be a Punk Rock Girl…

So I might seem the most unlikely suspect to blog about being a Punk Rock Girl – I wear dresses every day, I love Dolly Parton, I recently blogged about a cupcake tour of London… these things are NOT the stereotype of what a Punk Rock Girl is, right?

securedownloadBut I think being a Punk Rock Girl comes in many guises… it’s having a rebel yell in your heart, it’s the smoking-behind-the-bleachers attitude that never leaves you (even if you don’t smoke – p.s. E-cigs are not punk rock!), it’s drinking cava in the park even though it’s against the law because it’s a silly law on the hottest day of the year.  It’s telling it like it is even if it’s hard to say.

A Punk Rock Girl is an outsider, she plays by her own rules.  That’s not to say she’s a baddy.  Punk Rock Girls can have good manners too.  I.e. if someone’s glasses fall off in the mosh pit you help them find their specs.  That’s just common pit etiquette!

A Punk Rock Girl has an adventurous & curious spirit and will try most anything once.  She has a strong sense of self and doesn’t need to be told what to do or how to do it.  She forges her own path, even if it is the road less travelled.

So in that sense ladies and gents, I am a Punk Rock Girl.  I do my indie thing and embrace new experiences with a sense of wonder.  I find solidarity in my fellow riot grrrls and sense a new wave of feminism is upon us.  One where the Punk Rock Girls will lead the way and I mean Punk Rock in the broadest & most inclusive sense… (p.s. you can be a Punk Rock Guy too).

I’m going to leave you now with The Dead Milkmen enjoy!  And hey, do something a little crazy, something you’ve never done before, something a little out of your comfort zone.  I dare you…