Home Sick & Blogger Blues

cootie‘Tis the season for cooties, and I a got ’em!

I haven’t been home for 3 days in a row since I moved to my new East London pad 6 months ago.  So in a sense, that’s been nice, it’s a shame it takes feeling bad to give me some chill time, but that is how it is.  I have made a new Spotify playlist that I can’t stop listening to, caught up on some Piney admin,  cleaned the house from top to bottom, written 4 songs for the next album & now I’m saying hi to you.  “Hi!” After this I’m going to do one of those green face masks.  You can picture it now, ay… all 50’s housewife cliché!  Maybe I’ll bake some bread.

Anyway, I have a case of the blogger blues in the sense that I can’t seem to blog consistently, then I feel guilty about it, then I put it off, and it’s a viscous circle.  I like writing, I like putting it out there… it’s just life innit?  It gets on top of you, mundane stuff gets in the way, or sometimes you’re too busy doing things you could blog about to find time to blog it.  Catch 22, but a nice problem to have I guess.

So, Thursday night I went to my lovely friend Alice’s opening, she’s created a new shop called “We Built This City” which is currently a pop-up shop on Carnaby Street.  Check it out!  It’s like an affordable art gallery or something, it’s all London-specific, but not in a tacky t-shirt way, but more in a “Ain’t London great?” kind of way.  A lot of artists, designers and makers are inspired by this city.  It was great to be reminded of that.

If you do go to the shop, all the pigeons within the shop were assembled by mine own hand.  It basically involved connecting the feet to the bodies, so fairly minimal effort on my part, but there were 50+ of them.  Alice sold one of them on opening night, so that bodes well.  In fact, here they are.


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