Here’s Looking At You: Hollywood Style

DSC00077For those of you following our LA chronicles, this week features our good times had with the lovely Josh and Aurora… Josh directed the Here’s Looking At You video (which is being edited in the other room as I type this) and Aurora sort of produced the video, or at least she helped scout locations, herd the boys around, give us fun facts about the neighbourhood (Old Hollywood) and generally kept our morale up when the sun was at its hottest!  Not only are J & A great friends and lovely ambassadors for LA, but they also do this cool blog/podcast, The Weekly Dictator, see?  Get your humorous history fix here!
The sunglasses are to hide the tears..
Growler and Garo get emotional at Hard Rock when they spot Axl’s jacket and Izzy’s guitar…
295219_593008214907_1804978963_nSo after a long day of shooting (and I have to say it was a long day!)  We whole-heartedly deserved this megarita!

It was soooooo hot, like the desert!  And while the boys watched football in an English-themed pub (yes really?!) I was out defacing stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, posing in front of old cinemas and standing by signs on street corners.

I did have a moment of reflection in Amoeba Records and was delighted to discover The Betty Page Store.  So as hard work goes, it sure wasn’t bad.

There are a few more photos here if you want to check ’em out.

Keep an eye out for the finished video and the next blog, coming soon!