Gardening Leave

alice-and-rabbitSo have y’all ever heard of ‘Gardening Leave’?

I hadn’t until I was sent on it.

It’s sort of the best thing since sliced bread…

You see an indie chick like me doesn’t quite make enough indie bucks to pay the bills and so I’ve always had this day job persona. You know, putting on a modest grey wool frock with white peter pan collar and trudging on the morning commute with travelling cappuccino in hand to make ends meet and bring home the facon, etc… There’s pride in that, it facilitates good work ethic; there’s no problem with it, but for reasons I won’t go into on this blog I was desperado to get out of my most recent job. It’s a tough ol’ time out there job-hunting isn’t it? Especially in so-called creative industries.

Highline Records saved me! I am going to be working there and I’m sooooooooo excited about it. What a nice little indie label, and I do think it will be fun to work there, they’ve signed great bands to nurture and as day jobs go I shouldn’t have to don such an ‘office persona’ as I’ve needed to in the past. I look forward to it! It’s hands-on without the corporate red-tape nonsense.

When I handed in my notice (again a fairly splendid moment which I won’t share with this blog – sorry but I don’t want to name and shame, it’s not ladylike) anyhoo… when I handed in my notice I was then sent on gardening leave. I am not sure why, to my knowledge I am not aware of any company secrets.

It’s far too cold to garden, but it does give me time to work on my 500+ unanswered Piney e-mails (even my Guy Friday can’t do all of them, bless him). I am also recording an album as a side project and might actually have time to finish it over the next couple of weeks. Watch this space for news about it; at the mo it’s top secret!

My house is cleaner than it’s been for a while now. I have posted shedloads of dresses to sell on e-bay. I’m starting my new job on Feb 14th and I just can’t wait! Meanwhile I am getting myself sorted… time is such a luxury.

If you wonder why I never responded to your e-mail, you might hear from me now, yeah! Sorry it took me so long…