Circuit Sweet – video feature and album preview

Circuit Sweet feature Piney’s new song “Admiral Fleets” from her forthcoming album “You Are Here” with video by Nicholas Broughton from the band Fonda 500, who have been Piney’s long-time friends and former label-mates from her Truck Records days. Piney’s album launch at The Lexington will be a reunion for the two bands as Fonda will be supporting Piney on her special night.

About “You Are Here“Circuit Sweet says, “the songs summarise her journey with loss, betrayal and disheartenment at the state of the world. Piney’s always been a glass-half-full kind of person, so there is an underlying optimism to it, but if you dig deeper you’ll hear lyrics tracing her journey with depression, and observations about the general fucked-upness of what’s going on around us… Piney wrote a record about this collective experience, both broadly relatable and intimately personal.” read the whole article here:

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