For those of you who like to know… I have just complete demo number 16 for the next Piney album, how exciting is that?!~!?

I have to say though, the last song I just finished (like just now, i.e. just this minute I finished it) sounds pretty goth.  I can’t say I’ve ever written anything like it (well I guess Creature from Peakahokahoo was a little bit goth/Fad Gadget inspired)… but this new track is a lot more Tim Burtonesque, not so synth pop.
I think I blame the chronic grey skies here in England, today is particularly Sweeney Todd don’t you think (Englanders, I’m talking to you!)?  Also, Katrin Schla is coming over later to watch a vampire movie with me, I’ve been looking forward to that all day!  We might have to get really garlic-laced pizza so we don’t get attacked in the night.  I will sleep in my rosary beads with crucifix in tow.
I’d defo say the whole album is not goth, in fact it’s just the one song (well and there is another one about a ghost of a mouse, but it’s quite cheery really, that one).  Maybe it’s too weird to even include on the album…  But people like weird stuff sometimes right?  Diamanda Galas has a whole career based on her weird and wonderful voice.  
Robert Smith is in one of my favourite bands, and he’s done well out the goth persona.  One thing I’d say about The Cure though is if you didn’t know what Robert Smith looked like, they wouldn’t be a ‘goth’ band.  I mean their songs are pure pop!  Boys Don’t Cry and Friday I’m in Love are some of the best pop songs ever written… put Robert in front of ’em and they get bracketed as a ‘goth’ band. 
But I’ve never been a fan of pigeon holes…  xx

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